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Tuscarora's Holiday Business Hours

Tuscarora's Country Club for Dogs is open 365 days a year to dogs! We actually specialize in being the best place for your pets during your holiday travels. On days that are noted as "CLOSED," we are only closed to the public (our human clients) for check-ins and check-outs. We still have our expert kennel technicians on site during holidays and Sundays to provide the best care to our furry friends.

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Memorial Day

May 25th: open 9am- 12 Noon

May 26th: CLOSED

May 27th: CLOSED (Memorial Day)

May 28th: open 8am- 4pm

4th of July

July 2nd: open 8am- 4pm

July 3rd: CLOSED

July 4th: CLOSED (4th of July)

July 5th: CLOSED

July 6th: open 9am- 12 Noon

Fourth of July
Patriotic Hot Dog

Labor Day

August 30th: open 8am- 4pm

August 31st: open 9am- 12 Noon

September 1st: CLOSED

September 2nd: CLOSED (Labor Day)

September 3rd: open 8am- 4pm


November 26th: open 8am- 4pm

November 27th: open 8am- 12 Noon

November 28th: CLOSED (Thanksgiving)

November 29th:  CLOSED

November 30th: open 9am- 12 Noon

December 1st: CLOSED

December 2nd: open 8am- 4pm

Thanksgiving Dinner
Christmas Views


December 23rd: open 8am- 4pm

December 24th: CLOSED (Christmas Eve)

December 25th: CLOSED (Christmas Day)

December 26th: CLOSED

December 27th: open 8am- 4pm

December 28th: 9am- 12 Noon

December 29th: CLOSED

December 30th: open 8am- 4pm

New Years Eve

December 30th: open 8am- 4pm

December 31st: CLOSED (New Year's Eve)

January 1st: CLOSED (New Year's Day)

January 2nd: open 8am- 4pm

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