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Tuscarora's Holiday Business Hours

Easter Eggs


April 7th (Good Friday): open 8 am - 12 Noon

April 8th: open 9 am- 12 Noon

April 9th (Easter Sunday): CLOSED

April 10th: CLOSED

April 11th: Open 8am- 4 pm

Memorial Day Weekend

May 26th: open 8am- 4pm

May 27th: open 9am- 12 Noon

May 28th: CLOSED (Sunday)

May 29th:CLOSED

May 30th: open 8am- 4pm

American Flags
Fourth of July

4th of July

July 1st: open 9am- 12 Noon
July 2nd: CLOSED (Sunday)
July 3rd: CLOSED
July 4th: CLOSED
July 5th: CLOSED

July 6th: open 8am- 4pm

*Please note, we are always closed on the day after a major holiday to ensure that all our guests can receive ample bathing time and so that our employees may enjoy the holiday.

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